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Brand Search

Please click the initial letter of name of a brandand you can see a list of shops in Main Store of Iwataya, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi.
You can specify a store by clicking the following pull-down.

The results from brand search may sometimes be outdated. Please contact each store for more details.

Procedure 1

Please choose store

  • Iwataya
  • Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
  • Both Stores
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Procedure 2

We search from product classification

We search from the Japanese syllabary

Key: A Key: Mosquito Key: sa Key: ta Key: na Key: ha Key: ma Key: ya Key: Lah Key: wa
Key: i Key: ki Key: shi Key: Tut Key: ni Key: hi Key: mi Key: ri
Key: Cormorant Key: ku Key: su Key: tsu Key: nu Key: fu Key: mu Key: yu Key: ru Key: o
Key: Oh Key: ke Key: se Key: te Key: ne Key: he Key: me Key: Re
Key: o Key: ko Key: so Key: to Key: no Key: ho Key: mo Key: yo Key: ro Key: Hmm